Deconstructing the Power of Affirmations

I do hereby proclaim that today shall be the first day of the most exciting time of my life. I amplify my receptivity to a higher frequency and from this day forward there is no separation between myself and abundance; because I AM ABUNDANCE. I AM ABUNDANCE. I AM ABUNDANCE.

If you were able to look back at your most brilliant successes, stunning comebacks, amazing catches and smoking ideas, and you were to find that virtually all of them seemed to materialize out of thin air, when you least expected them, and that they had exceeded even your greatest expectations. I believe that these were manifested by a combination of a positivity mindset and also a trust in the universe, a greater power to deliver them to us at the perfect time.

We have two minds. Our conscious mind is what thinks, reasons and talks. The unconscious mind is far more powerful than the conscious mind; it is the place where our limited beliefs exists, thrive and at the same time can be dismantled. The greater power is that we have the proven ability to rewire the unconscious mind through conscious repetition of positive affirmations.

Affirmations have been part of my morning routine for several years now. They are one of the six most timeless, scientifically proven personal development practices in the history of the world that for centuries have been working for people. They encompass the morning rituals and morning routine of the world’s most successful people.

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The human mind loves what is familiar and it will give us resistance towards growth because it wants to stay in a comfort zone. I would have amazing ideas, new projects I would want to take on and as the day to complete them arrived, suddenly some darker parts of me would get me distracted so that I would avoid creating a masterpiece. I would go online and just surf. I would sleep later and watch entire seasons of my favorite shows. Sometimes, I would just drink too much red wine!

The subconscious mind becomes afraid of growth and starts to self-sabotage. The ego has a limited life, so it is fearful of growth, whereas the soul, which is immortal, searches for expansion. We become anxious of failure, threatened by not being good enough or not meeting societal pressures. We become scared of leaving the majority and being perceived as different from most people.

Just a few hundred years ago, our ancestors lived situations that challenged their safety and well-being. They faced danger from predatory animals; from hostile members of their own species, from invisible pathogens, bacteria and viruses; from loss of status, and ultimately social exclusion. That ancient brain was wired towards a negative bias to hunt for danger and keep us safe. In order to survive, the mind would invest most of its focus on what was bad in our environment. Your mind was wired to believe that the same old or staying in your comfort zone was what kept you safe. Not wandering off to meet a new tribe was how you stayed alive. That mechanism served our ancestors exceedingly well.

The world has changed, and threats are typically not as clear cut as a lion in front of you. Today you don’t need to constantly be concerned about being safe anymore, you need to be excited, to take risks, to think abundantly so you can create and live your dreams. It’s important to re-wire your mind like you are updating a software periodically. We do this through repetition of positive affirmations.

Move from your emotions control you, to control your emotions. You can change your own emotions from being depressed, being anxious or scared to a peak mental state. By growing awareness of our own subconscious saboteur, that voice inside of us which tries to talk us out of a situation or make us believe a story, you can choose to disempower it. Once you are aware of that fact and notice the escape route the mind is laying in front of you, you can start rewiring its imprint.

“People look for retreats for themselves, in the country, by the coast, or in the hills . . . There is nowhere that a person can find a more peaceful and trouble-free retreat than in his own mind. . .. So constantly give yourself this retreat and renew yourself.” – Marcus Aurelius


Affirmations can actually hurt you. How can you use them effectively?
There are lots of books and articles out there which extol the power of affirmations. Most of them ask you to think about an area of your life which is not working and then come up with an affirmation for that. For example, you find yourself in financial need, and you affirm that you are abundant. You feel that you are lonely, and you affirm that you have a full social life, including a romantic partner.

For most people this does not work very well. The reason for this is that most people use affirmations in the wrong way. They use affirmations from a place of desperate neediness. Your brain knows the truth that you are not financially abundant. In fact, you can barely meet your credit card payments. Therefore, as you affirm that you are abundant, there is a feeling of disbelief, a feeling that you are kidding yourself, a feeling that that is just not the way it is.

Affirmations were developed by a French physician named Émile Coué. He noticed that when he gave a potion to a patient, and simultaneously praised the potion as very effective, the results were dramatically better. From that we came to the famous phrase: “every day in every way, I am getting better and better.” But what few people know is that Émile Coué also observed that if the patient had made an independent judgment about the efficacy of the medicine, it did not work.

The duality is that the more we want something, usually the more disappointed we are when we don’t get the result expected. So most of us, when we use affirmations we use it from a place of disbelief, and from that place, affirmations are not only ineffective, but they can actually be dangerous because they can lead to depression when you find that they are not working.

The way I view affirmations is that they simply direct your attention to wherever you want your focus to be directed to. You can literally like a computer program identify the beliefs and thoughts you want to focus on and expand inside of yourself. By reading these affirmations every day, you are programming yourself to live in alignment with that program that you have designed.

If you are curious at what my daily affirmations to wire my mindset every morning look like, then check the PDF attachment.


Most people live with their fears, that’s what their focus is so they are consumed by their fear: “Oh yes this could happen, that could happen.” Accept it, make peace with it and then put all your energy on what you want. Affirmations are the best way to do that because the brain which is two million years old was not designed to make you happy; it was designed to have you survive. So, we can’t trust our brain until we have conditioned it.

Affirmations tend to work better in the days that you are not in agony, but to rebuild your mindset when we have negative emotions. Even when you are going through these difficult days, when you are in pain it’s not easy to be positive. When you wake up and you feel depressed, something may be going on, could be hormones or what not. It’s not the emotional state that is the biggest problem, usually it is how to deal with our emotions. The first response tends to be judgment and we become afraid; we think the way we feel, is how life is. We need to remind ourselves that this is only temporary, and it shall pass.

The lesson here is that we can consciously choose to be positive. First accept what you cannot change and then decide what emotions will best serve you. More often it is gratitude. It is possible to be the most grateful we have ever been while we are going through the most difficult, painful and scary times in our life. It makes it much easier – it doesn’t mean it does not hurt, but it means that you are not letting the fact that it is painful to completely control your emotional well-being. You are making the conscious choice that despite the hurt, you will make the best of it.

Consciously choose to take adversity and turn it into opportunity. This is one of the most fundamental keys to success in relationships, physical energy and life.

Florence Sophia is a self-mastery coach, energy healer and certified yoga instructor for 10 years. Lifetime athlete, jiu jitsu blue belt and a calisthenics practitioner. She is a world traveler and an intuitive teacher. As a seeker of knowledge passionate about the human mind, she is driven by the conviction that each of us has the potential to break our limited beliefs and achieve greatness.

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