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Join me on the “Journey Into The Chakras” where you will learn about the chakra system which guides our universal energy. You will discover how to connect and balance your body, mind and spirit as well as shift the energy within that may have been blocked by negative emotions.
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Masterclass: Elevate Your State of Being – Sacred Breath?

The Chakra system is a guide for a personal journey to integrate all parts of ourselves into wholeness. In this masterclass, you will learn about your 7 main body energy centers to reclaim your authentic Self and your birth right to manifest an abundant life. Teaching will include grounding meditation, visualisation to reprogram your chakras, statements of truth, bio-energetic movements, and a quiz to discover which of your chakras needs to be rebalanced.

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  • Students who are curious about their energy system.
  • Students who want to feel their energy flow smoothly.