The Path to Bliss and Fulfilment

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I am thrilled that you decided to join me on this journey! You might be here because you are dealing with stress, anxiety, pain or maybe depression is keeping you from performing at the top of your game. I am glad that you are here because I will guide you through some of my most amazing meditation techniques that you will be able to use as a tool to elevate your life.  


Why meditation is the new caffeine!

Caffeine is not giving you energy for the long run – it is masking your brain’s ability to feel tired.

What meditation is doing is that it is giving you this deep rest so that we can be even more awake in your state and this is why meditators report performing so much more elegantly and enjoying their lives a lot more because let’s face it, life is hard when you are tired.

I will give you tools and techniques that will give your body deep rest and deep relaxation so that you can be even more awake – even more conscious in your awakening state. It is kind of like coffee but so much better because you are not relying on some external substance and it does not gives you shakes.

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In this video, Florence Sophia shares her story on how she started her journey with meditation, breathwork and yoga. She demystifies some of the meditation myths and explains the benefits of a daily meditation practice.
The Path to Bliss and Fulfillment – Meditation Explained

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  • Students committed to play full out and practice daily to create a new outlook on life with more bliss and fulfillment.
  • Students looking for tools to help them perform at the top of their game.