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When you appreciate, things appreciate.

The number of billionaires on Forbes’ 35th annual list of the world’s wealthiest in 2021 shows 2,755 people which altogether are worth $13.1 trillion; that is out of a world population of 7.9 billion! These few individuals understand their dominant feelings about money because they know that programming determines the kind of business leader and entrepreneur they are.

The data suggest that the majority of people walk in life not understanding their thoughts and feelings around money. The door to financial freedom starts with an awareness of the ongoing feedback loop referring to your beliefs and emotions about money.

Your financial emotional intelligence is a reflection of your beliefs imprinted in your subconscious mind from very young age. Just like a computer or a cell phone that requires regular software updates, your mind needs to be rewired and reprogrammed to reach its fullest potential.

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Before the Start of the Program

Pre – Divine Abundance Series Growth Work
Your Divine Abundance Challenge

Week 1 – Masterclass 1 >>> Money Flow

Week 1 – Integration & Coaching

Week 2 – Masterclass 2 >>> The Soul of Money

Week 2 – Integration & Coaching

Week 3 – Masterclass 3 >>> Activate Abundance

Week 3 – Integration & Coaching

Week 4 – Masterclass 4 >>> The Quest for Happiness

Week 4 – Integration & Coaching

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